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Provide comprehensive services for individuals and business to successfully enter and establish business in Australia. 

Investment Visa

Investor Stream (Asset 2.25M + Business 1.5M) - AUD 3.75M

Significant Investor Stream - AUD 5M, Exempt Age & English

Premium Investor Stream - AUD 15M, Exempt Age & English


ALM has significant involvement in high tech research conducted by major Korean Universities, SME, Hospitals, Research Centre and Government supported institutions. If you set up a business in Australia and new Zealand, you can also immigrate under immigration law.

Consulting service for those who wish to set up a business, educate children and live with their family in Australia.


Age under 55, Little bit of English ability

Business Innovation Stream Visa (Asset + Business) - AUD 1.5M


(Export & Import)

We promote your business between you and end users, import and export products, product sourcing, distribution partnering, commercializing and market assessment. Some of the OEM products are produced in Korea and export to Australia.

Legal & IP

Legal Team provide business and family related legal services including Business set up in Australia, Business Transfer, Inheritance, Succession, Bestowal, Strategy Management after Succession and Tax Consultation.


IP Team has extensive experience for decades with more than five hundred (500) international Legal/IP associates around the world. We are able to assist on both domestic and international issues.  

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